English Channel triathlon Dover – Prague

1111km (690 miles)

  • 34km (20.5 miles) swimming: English Channel (England to France) 15 hours 33 minuts 
  • 895km (556 miles) cycling: Calais (France) to Cheb (Czech Republic) via Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany
  • 182km (113 miles) running: Cheb to Prague

Total time: 7 days 12 hours 5 minutes

Oceans Seven

10th person in the world, 4th female, 1st from a landlocked country

7. Cook Strait in New Zealand – 24.2.2018, 13:09:48, the first Czech
6. North Channel between Ireland and Scotland – 15.8.2017, 10: 23: 38h, the first Czech
5. Molokai (Ka’iwi) Channel in Hawaii – March 27–28, 2017, 9:52 pm, the first Czech
4. Tsugaru Strait in Japan – 12.8.2016, 11: 07h, the first Czech
3. Catalina Channel – 18.8.2015, 9: 46h
2. Strait of Gibraltar – 16.9.2013, 4: 35h
1. English Channel – 11.7.2011, 14:37:42

TEDx Prague Women – We can do more

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I Swim

I am an Oceans Seven swimmer, the 10th person in history, 4th woman and 1st swimmer from a landlocked country (and probably 1st vegetarian) to complete this challenge. I have also achieved the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. In 2021 I completed an English Channel triathlon. In 2018 and 2021 I was nominated for the World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year award.

I Meditate

I have been meditating every day since 1995. Meditation helps me to know myself better. Meditation teaches me to explore my limits, the limits of the possible and the impossible. Meditation puts together everything that happens in my life and gives it a deeper meaning. I’m actually doing all that I do because of meditation.

My path

We each have a unique path to follow in our lives and that’s absolutely amazing. My path is unbelievable too, and I’m incredibly grateful for it. Most days are sunlit, and those few cloudy ones are there to keep me appreciating the sunshine. But there is a lot of work involved, work on myself – because I don’t always want to get up in the morning and meditate and then go to the pool, and sometimes I get upset with someone, and since I don’t want to be upset, I need to work on that, to change something in myself. But this work is definitely worth it, the journey itself is richly rewarding. I know if I am going in the right direction by how I feel and how much I smile. Since I was 18 years old my guide on this journey has been my meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy.

I teach meditation classes and sing in a music group called Agnikana’s Group.

I Run

I am a member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team and have completed a 6-day race (385 miles – 616km) where I finished 2nd. I am also a multiple national champion at 100kms and 24 hours.